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Motorhome Rental

A motorhome is basically a house mounted on a vehicle. It is a vehicle and a home fused into one. A motorhome features all the comforts and necessities of a home including furniture, sleeping rooms, porch and kitchen. The vehicle is designed to be moved from place to place and sometimes comes along with a trailer to hold goods that may not be able to fit inside the main vehicle such as a generator.

For most holiday makers, renting is the best option when it comes to the acquisition of motohomes for camping or leisure travel across the countryside. If you need a motorhome, you may have to do an extensive search through the various dealers or sites to obtain agood deal for yourself. On the average, expect to pay from $107 per night to $279 per night.

Motorhomes offer campers a convenient way to enjoy their holiday as you have all the amenities needed at a camping site in one go. Consider how inconvenient it will be if you had to leave your car

Info of Caribbean Vacation

Every Caribbean island has some thing of its own to offer to travelers! If you’re looking for that special, erotic swinging nightlife, peaceful tranquility, golfing, diving, sailing, gambling or camping, some are found on a few islands while in others you do not find them. In total, the Caribbean islands are about 90,000 square miles of landmass of small islets, half of it hilly or mountainous and the other half flat land. Most of them are a great scenic combination of the water and earth, circled by sandy beaches, blue lagoons and pristine coves.
With more than 20 Island nations to choose and visit, one needs to be very wise and prudent in identifying. What ever the choice, this is a magnificent region overall, has a lazy paced life style, numbers of activities and recreation options to choose from and a year round tropical ambience. The more one knows about these finer details, the more one becomes infatuated with the islands! Caribbean vacation has thousands things to offer and million things to learn!

Caribbean vacation

Stag Weekend in Edinburgh

Just name it and you will get it! Edinburgh is filled with fun filled outdoor activities. Participate in the Extreme Quad Biking in Edinburgh and feel the excitement as you speed past the dense woodlands for about 1.5 hours. Experience the thrill of riding a 400cc Honda Pilot while you try the Off Road Karting. One of the most effective team building corporate events is the Paintball where you are given the feel of a real fighting experience with suit, paintball marker, mask and other equipments.

Well, that’s not all. Feast your stomach on a wide range of kebabs and other delicacies while watching some of the best comedy acts on stage at Comedy Club in Edinburgh. Got all your colleagues along with you? Well, you can surely go for a football match. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Chillisauce will arrange for a 5-a-side Football Tournament with a minimum of 3 games, comprising 45 minutes of football. The winning team gets a case of Carlsberg while all the players are treated to a delicious buffet. If you want to have more fun just check out Chillisauce’s corporate event planners in Edinburgh.

Get prepared to fall in love

Halloween In Siberia

I loved living in Russia and the primary reason was people. Russians love to celebrate and they are big into holidays. In Chita, Siberia, practically everyday was a holiday. During communism, Russia celebrated the worker with holidays such as bus driver day, teacher day and so on. When the fun loving Russians dropped communism from the menu, they decided to keep the holidays and add new ones for the new political bent. While Oligarchs’ Day isn’t yet a holiday, practically everything else is. With the approach of Halloween, I was ready to go nuts and show them a little of the American spirit.

At the time, I was teaching roughly 12 classes a week on law and business at Chita State Technical University. This gave me the opportunity to put together a wing dinger of a Halloween party since the students would generally follow directions without question. Accordingly, I announced to each class that we would be building a haunted house at my place and with roughly 150 students, it was going to be the haunted house of all houses. No student had any questions, but I should have noticed the blank stares.

The morning after

Stay Healthy While Traveling

Health Insurance

An insurance package that covers your health, possessions and cancellations is imperative.


Immunizations are critical – especially if you are planning to visit 3rd world countries. Many immunizations require a specific time period to take effect or require certain follow-up shots – so plan well ahead. You should record any immunization shots received on an official health certificate as this is often a requirement of visa applications.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can advise you on the current recommendations for your intended destination.


Food and water are one of the leading causes of illness for travelers. These simple tips can drastically reduce your chances of illness:

  • If the water is suspect, don’t take the risk. This includes ice, food washed and prepared in the water and swimming pools. Buy bottled water or boil/sterilize existing water.
  • Only consume fruit and vegetables that can be pealed or are protected by an outer skin (bananas, oranges, pineapple etc)
  • Wash you hands thoroughly before all meals.
  • When purchasing meat and seafood, look for proper refrigeration.
  • Cooked food is generally safer for consumption. Raw and undercooked

Christmas in Cusco

Held in Cusco’s main square, Santuranticuy (which means “saints for sale”) is a temporary market whose origins go back to the days of the Spanish Vice-royalty. Today it’s one of the largest arts-and-crafts fairs in the country.

The central figure of the Christmas fair is the Niño Manuelito, the Andean version of the newborn Jesus. Besides the baby Manuelito, you’ll find the other Nativity figures -all with an Andean touch-, as well as saint’s images. Much appreciated are the boxed scenes, known as Retablos, whose small figurines can represent almost every aspect of live, secular or sacred, though for the occasion you’ll almost only find Nativity scenes.

Although the fair started as a Christmas specific market, over the years it expanded to include other goods like antiques, silverware, and ceramic objects brought from Pucará and Quinua. At night, street vendors sell a traditional hot and sweet rum punch called ponche, to warm up chilly visitors.

To facilitate both clients and artisans, the fair has been divided into sectors, each of which aggregates a speciality product. Among these you can find decorative ceramic, wood and bark crafts, miniatures and filigrees, silverware, stone crafts, stone sculptures, paintings

Historical Destinations for Student Travel


As the center of knowledge, government, and system in the ancient world, every student would be amazed how this ancient city grew and evolved. Students can visit Acropolis, Agora, Library of Hadrian, Kerameikos, Olympieion & Southeast Athens, Pnyx, Roman Agora & Tower of the Winds, Arch of Hadrian, City Eleusinion and other ancient sites in this ancient city of Athens.


Visit one of the earliest civilizations founded in this part of the world. Egypt features 3000 years old city in the banks of River Nile. Egypt is also one of the oldest tourist spots in the world with visitors coming from the ancient Rome and Greece.

Moving your way south from Cairo, the nation’s capital, you can stop at Giza where the infamous Great Pyramid stands. It was built by Pharaoh Khafu in the year 2550 BC. Standing at 147 meters, it was the largest and the most ambitious structure built in the ancient Egypt requiring 2.3 million stone block to erect. Also at Giza, see the Pyramid of Khafre home if the Sphinx. It was built 30 after the Great Pyramid. As the second largest, the Pyramid of Khafre stands at


It all goes back to 1958, when Bruce Samuels, a local footballer and railway porter, claimed that he went up the nearby Mt. Cooroora (438 metres) and made it back within an hour, eliciting the scoffs and taunts of idling drinker in the local bar. A bet was placed, and with the whole town of Pomona watching, Bruce made the distance in an astonishing forty minutes. The feat was recorded on the wall of the hotel bar. The record fell the very next year to a 21 year old Barry Webb. The same year the first official Pomona King of the Mountain Race was organized where Bruce came 1.5 seconds behind Frank Mainwaring’s 31.51 minutes. In 1979 the Cooroy/ Pomona Lions Club along with the King of the Mountain Committee revived the race which has now become a major hinterland festival. It was in 1987 that the racing record was set at 22.50 minutes by Queenslander Graham Baralett.

Today, the race is the biggest event of the local calendar. The whole of Pomona comes together on the fourth Sunday of July every year to welcome runners from around the world. It is a grueling event, and it

Around Bangkok

Lets start with Tuk Tuks. Aren’t they cute, those little three wheeled taxis, brighly painted and featured so much on anything to do with Thailand. They are very cute until you get stuck in the traffic, behind the number 36 bus at about 2 in the afternoon and suck down more fumes in 10 minutes than the average smoker does in a lifer time… ho ho ho you’ll say to the kids, isn’t this fun….while your kids bury their heads in their Dad’s armpit because it smells fresh compared to the air around them. Okay Try a Tuku Tuk once, don’t go too far and then give them up as a bad idea. Out of Bangkok they’re much more fun. Tuk Tuk drivers should be haggled with, the price fixed in advance and generally you’ll always get ripped off, take a taxi.

Taxis (with 4 wheels) come in two flavours, metered and no meter, although a few non meters actually have a meter concealed behind a panel in the dash board below the radio…. Taxis are great, sit back in air conditioned luxury and watch the Smiths die of carbon monoxide poisoning in a Tuk Tuk. If

Beijing Hutong

In the past, Beijing was largely formed by tens of thousands of Siheyuan that were aligned back-to-back, face-to-face, and side by side. For the convenience of coming in and out, a walking passage must be kept between each row of Siheyuan, this is what we call Hutong.

In the Yuan Dynasty, gaps between Beijing’s Hutongs were much wider. Therefore the descendants chose the open areas to construct more Siheyuan, created narrow passages between rows of Siheyuan courtyard houses, this resulted in massive small Hutongs among many well known big ones. Hence the proverb: “Famous Hutongs are 3600, nameless Hutongs exceeded number of ox hairs”.

Until 1949, there were 6074 well known streets and alleys in Beijing’s city areas. Out of which were 1330 Hutongs, 274 streets, 111 alleys, 85 Dao (small streets), 71 lanes, 37 roads. Traditionally, people classify all the small streets and alleys as Hutongs.

In Beijing, crisscross networked large and small Hutongs weaved the capital city with distinguished people and exquisite objects. Deep in the Hutongs are innumerable warm families, this is why ordinary Beijingers have special sentimental feelings towards Hutongs.

The narrowest Hutong in Beijing is the Qianshi (money market)

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Located on the Yucatan Peninsula in the state of Quintana Roo, the Riviera Maya is jaw dropping beautiful. Although the area was only known to a select few for years, the last 10 years has seen a boom in tourism and resorts. Depending on your personal views, this is or isn’t a good development.

The best-known destination in the area is the beach town of Cancun. From Cancun, you can travel to the south down the beaches. Since the Riviera is not a defined area, it is generally agreed the town of Tulum is the southernmost point. Regardless of how you definite it, the beaches along the coast have something for everyone.

Although everyone has different views, Cancun is as good a place to start as anywhere. If you want to cram as much as possible into your vacation, this is the place. From loafing on the beach to snorkeling and jet skiing, your beach needs will be satisfied. If you prefer an adventure, you can head inland to see Mayan ruins or take jungle tours. The downside of Cancun, on the other hand, is it tends to be a bit crowded and lacks the “authentic

Puerto Vallarta

Tourists have been coming to Puerto Vallarta since the 1930s, but it really became an “in” place after John Huston’s Night of the Iguana was filmed here in 1964. The film starred Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, who later bought homes there. Now some two million visitors a year come to PV, as it’s often called.
Puerto Vallarta has historic areas with cobblestone streets. Some say the shopping is the best of any resort town in Mexico, whether at the Mercado (market) downtown, or at any of the many little shops. There are numerous art galleries. On a vacation day, you can have a swim, work on your tan, do a little shopping and gallery-hopping, devote some time to doing nothing, try a fine restaurant, dance the night away — and repeat the process the next day with a different set of beaches, stores, restaurants, and nightspots! Puerto Vallarta is an excellent destination for a beach vacation that also gives you the flavor of modern Mexico. It’s very popular with Mexican tourists for that reason.
With a population somewhere above 300,000, Puerto Valllarta is a relatively intimate city. It’s never very far from the ocean, as the city

Harbour Island Bahamas

Harbour Island is less than 4 miles long and a 1/2 mile wide. Its long wide beach is famous for its hard-packed pale pink sand. The likes of Fodors and Conde Nast rate it as one of the “best Bahamas beaches.” The beach, combined with some great restaurants, hotels and vacation home rentals, makes Harbour Island a destination of choice amongst Bahamas enthusiasts. It’s no surprise to find a few “rich and famous” there — they know they won’t be hounded.

Central to Harbour island is Dunmore Town. This quaint and friendly community features old Victorian structures adorned with Bahama’s colorful pastel paint schemes. No high rise hotels, fast food or traffic jams on this island!

Golf cart rentals are the transportation of choice. Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and just plain walking the beach are some of the popular activities. To be sure, Harbour Island is not known for its shopping and night life nor is there any gambling. If you seek large crowds, wild parties or theme park rides, this is not your destination.

Harbour Island’s weather is delightful; especially during late Winter and Spring when there is little chance of rain. Ocean

Water Festival of Loi Kathong

Ko Chang is a heavily forested island with little towns full of beach huts. This is what I was exactly what I was after. Spending days lounging in the sun and contemplating my navel. Unfortunately, I soon experienced the local bacteria, which was not what I was after.

Since I had rented my beach hut for a week with payment in advance, the family running the place looked me upon favorably. They took pity on me and I was soon growing fat on Tom Yom Kung and other soups and curries. After four days, I had finally kicked the bug and felt halfway human. This was good news as it was the night of the full moon water festival.

I had heard of full moon festivals in Thailand. For hard partying tourists, this was apparently the night the big beach parties happened. In Ko Chang, it was a little different as the night was tailored to the actual Thais, not tourist.

The Loi Kathong Festival happens every full moon. Offerings are given to appease the water spirits. These offerings come in the form of banana leaf bowls with flowers, fruit, candles and incense. The candles

Ways the France Riots Still Affect Foreigners

As a foreigner in France, you need to know that for so many French people you will be resented as a presumed rich foreigner. This seems to be the okay for French people of all backgrounds (not just the angry poor people) to charge you a “special” higher price for goods (including houses) or services, cheat you, and pretend not to notice when others are cheating you.

So, what are the 3 ways the France riots still affect foreigners in France? You need to know that

  1. France is a land of equality for all French men. Read: If you are not French, then it is not equal for you. This goes for rich foreigners and poor people who are not originally of French descent.
  2. Cars are burned routinely everyday all over France – riots or none. Park accordingly.
  3. Expect French people to treat you differently and for lots of them (more than you would like to think) to cheat you whenever possible.

What can you do about this inequality that triggered the France riots and accounts for these problems?

Again, 3 things:

  1. Do your homework so that you know the going

Planning Your Vacation

  1. Keep your vacation planning information in one place. Create a labeled file folder (“Hawaii Vacation”) and use it to keep your airline, hotel, car rental information, as well as maps or AAA guide books, tourist information, contact information for people you know in that city, etc. You can find all this information at Holidays, Vacations and Traveling
  2. Plan ahead for your wardrobe. Think about all of the activities you might do, and imagine what you’d want to wear for each activity. For example, on the beach you might want a swimsuit, cover-up, slip-on footwear or water shoes, a sun hat, sunglasses… maybe even a face mask, snorkel, and some flippers. Will the kids want shovels and buckets to build a sand castle? Do you need to supply your own beach towel, or will you be staying somewhere that supplies this for you? What about waterproof sunscreen? The more you can visualize yourself on the beach, the better prepared you will be.
  3. Use a travel checklist. I’ve created a Packing List to get you started. Once you’ve tailored this to your needs, keep it in the travel file you’ve created. This will help you remember to pack

Haledon, New Jersey

On the western border of the city of Paterson in northern New Jersey lies a gritty town, Haledon, home to more than 8400 residents compacted into an aging one square mile borough. As a working class community, the town has long served as a bedroom community for blue collar workers who skillfully manned the textile mills that dotted the town and surrounding communities for well over a century.

Today, the mills are no longer in use and most of the buildings have since been converted to other uses. Once a community occupied mainly by Dutch and Italian immigrants, the borough’s tapestry has expanded to include residents from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and from various other parts of the world. Indeed, the shops and stores scattered throughout Haledon point to the rise of the local Muslim population, including Circassians, who are helping to shape Haledon’s future.

Haledon government officials are currently in the process of preparing an important overhaul of the borough’s main business district on Belmont Avenue by installing new curbing, sidewalks, streetlights and pavers, as well as looking at possibly securing private property to develop much needed off street parking. A federal grant totaling $350,000

Castles in Scotland

Scotland is a country that has survived many battles and many changes of power. Those facts are evident on the first stop of your Castles in Scotland tour. There is nothing like walking into a castle the first time. You feel yourself almost transported back in time as you look around you. And allow yourself to go there; allow yourself to be taken back to another place and another time. As you stand in the great throne room, allow yourself to see the kings and queens of old as they sit on their thrones and do their best to govern.

The only way to truly appreciate the experience of castles in Scotland is to know where you are and know the history of the castle. Make sure that you have a castle guide in your travel pack. It’s not hard to find a castle guide that includes descriptions of the main castles you will see in Scotland. In fact, there are so many castles in Scotland that you will probably not be able to see them all before you have to leave the country. For that reason, make sure you know what castles you want to see

Luau Aloha Party

A party store will have endless decorations to match a Hawaiian theme. Pineapple plates, tropical fish and palm trees can be used as invitations. Plates, cups, napkins and tablecloths will come in coordinating styles and colors. To make the event even more festive, have every guest wear a grass skirt and a floral lei. Leis can be purchased from any party planning supply store in a variety of styles and colors.

If you’re party involves a meal, have a pig roast. Serve as many dishes with pineapple as you can. Have all of your guests bring pineapple flavored dishes. Have a taste test contest for the most unique dish. This gets people in the creative mode as well as feeds everyone.

Games to play at a Hawaiian style party include doing the limbo, a pineapple tossing contest and a hula contest. You could also have food eating contests and relays. Making grass skirts and creating the most unique lei can also be fun activities. Use fresh or silk flowers and string and let them go to town.

Buy personalized prizes to give to all your guests to remember your event. Set up a palm tree

Mexico Baja California Sur

La Paz, the Mexico Baja California Sur’s capital, is a premier travel destination. The perfect balance between unspoiled natural surroundings and the quiet ambiance of town life presents a welcoming warmth, which the tourists find hard to resist. The Sea Of Cortez, known as ‘world’s aquarium’ houses endemic life forms like dolphins, whales, hammer headed sharks, sea lions, manta rays and other marine lives.

Loreto is a fine blending of colonial heritage and modern structures. Magnificent cave paintings and the semi-desert niches sheltering endangered species add to the appeal of the spot. The gray whales, accompanied by their offsprings, boost the enthusiasm surrounding Loreto.

Los Cabos, a 32-mile corridor, is an outlandish beach of Mexico. It is the perfect place to chill out during vacations. The place is famous for its charismatic marinas and majestic golf courses.

These apart, Mexico Baja California Sur comprise a number of Islands and other attractions luring more and more visitors to this part of the world.

Baja California Sur activities promise enough to unwind – lazing about in the peaceful bays or basking in the sun, strolling along its seaside waterfront or the white sandy beaches to hiking

Chita, Siberia

The City of Chita is a the administrative center of the Chita Oblast, which is similar to a state. It is located smack dab in the middle of Siberia and is about 500 miles east of Lake Baikal.

From the 1930’s through the end of communism, Chita was a closed city. During this period, foreigners were prohibited from traveling to Chita as were many Russians. The basis for the closing of the city was apparently its proximity to China and military installations.

In some circles, Chita is known as the City of Exiles because prominent intellectuals starting with the “Decembrist” were exiled to the city after failed uprisings in 1825. Despite this informal name, the arrival of the Decembrists was a boon for the city. The well-educated exiles made an effort to educate the citizens of Chita and pursue trade. Through these efforts, the City became a major trading portal in Siberia, particularly since the natural resources of the area included timber, gold and uranium.

Architecturally, Chita is a clash of styles. Foremost, Chita is populated with communist concrete buildings. The apartment buildings are almost universally five stories tall and, frankly, not the most appealing

Hermosa Beach

We have eaten here on multiple occasions. Most of the time we choose to go on a weeknigh to bypass the tourist crowds on weekends. If you are here during the weekend be preared to wait for a long time. Not that this is a bad thing since this is a cool area to hang out, see and be seen. Icould just chill in the pier plaza for hours. Service is very solid. Even during the busiest hours I have always received quick and curteous service without an attitude. I have tried a many entrees here, including carne asada burritos, fish tacos, nachos, fajitas … All items are served on large plates in large portions. The taste is very good for all items. Even though it is in a very touristy spot, they do not skimp on freshness and quality of food. Mango Margaritas are the choice drink. They are delicious. Get the large pitcher and party on …

Locals like this place, I like this place and it seems like everyone that I have taken there likes it as well. There’s just a whole lot of liking here. It’s a worthwhile visit if you are in